How to Use Fixed Message Conversations in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur

The Messages app has seen a lot of new things coming from iOS and iPadOS 14: from mentions, to replies and discussion threads, to photos in group conversations. Visually, the main change is in the ability to post conversations at the top of the app for quick access.

We can set up up to nine conversations and these will sync instantly to the Messages app on our iPhone, iPad or Mac. Fixed applications, which appear at the top of the message list, display the latest messages, tapbacks and « typing » indicators, all in an animated way.

How to set or turn off conversations in the Messages app

Creating a new conversation, as well as canceling another, is very simple and we can do this in many different ways, The steps are as follows.

On our iPhone or iPad

  • We open the app messages on our iPhone or iPad.
  • On the iPhone, if we are in a conversation, we hit the  »
  • We maintain a conversation.
  • We choose Display or to cancel .

Otherwise we can swipe the conversation to the right and tap the yellow pin icon that appears. Finally, we can also touch the button in the form of three dots inside a circle then in Edit still images. Once you are here, you can delete conversations by tapping the accompanying “-” and, to correct others, the yellow pin that appears next to your name.

On our Mac

The process on Mac it’s quite similar, we are doing it:

  • We open the app messages on our Mac.
  • We secondary click on a conversation.
  • We choose Display .

How to reorganize fixed conversations

In addition to correcting and unblocking conversations, we can change the order in which they appear. This command, thanks to iCloud, is also synchronized on all our devices.

To change the order of conversations, both on iPhone, iPad or Mac, just drag the conversation that interests us to the desired location. If we drag the conversation to the message list, we’ll degrade it.

It should be noted that the order of the fixed conversations has no effect on the order in which they appear on the share sheet. This section mainly takes into account the last interaction we had with a person or a group of people in the Messages app.

How to reverse the selfies we take with our iPhone in iOS 14

It is clear that with the new versions of the operating systems, Apple wanted to devote its attention to the Messages application and bring us some interesting news. Much is possible thanks to the Catalyst version of messages for Mac, with which Apple allows the application to take advantage of all the features of its sisters for iPhone or iPad.