How to use Instagram quick replies

We are going to explain to you how to set up and use Instagram Quick Replies, a new feature with which you will be able to save time in your answers. It is designed, above all, for when there are times when you usually always use the same words or long phrases, and thus be able to cut them out.

It is an option with which you can create words that are shortcuts for longer ones or phrases. For this we will need to do two things. First we will tell you how to make your account professional, since you are going to need it to be. Don’t worry, because anyone can do it. And then we will teach you how to use the function.

Make your account professional

The first thing we have to do is make our account become professional. To do this, enter the Instagram settings and click on the option Switch to professional account. Do not worry, because you will not have to give details of your professionalism.

Following, you have to choose a category depending on the type of professional you want to indicate that you are. Here, unless you really are a real professional, you will most likely indicate that you are a Blogger, since Instagram will not ask you for any confirmation.

In some types of professional such as blogging, you will also have to specify if you are a creator or a company. Here, I have chosen to be a creator, but you can choose what represents you best.

By last, Instagram will ask you three steps to activate the account. You have to invite or follow friends, share a photo or video (make a normal post, go), and fill in all the fields on your profile. When you do, your account will go professional.

Now, use the quick responses

Now, you have to enter any conversation in the Instagram chat. It does not matter what it is, but the option to create these shortcuts is only in chats. Once inside, click on the + add button that you have to the right of the field where you write what you want to say.

When you click on the + button, new options will appear. In them, click on the speech bubble icon that you have among the GIFs and I like, which is the one with the quick responses.

You will go to a screen where you will see the quick responses created if you have them. Here, click on the + add button that is at the top right of this pop-up window, and with that you will tell it that you want to create a new shortcut.

The process for creating the quick response is very simple. First you have to write the full message and then the shortcut or shortcut you want to use. Therefore, they are only two text fields that you have to fill out. In the screenshots above you have an example.

And now, the only thing left for you is to use your new shortcut. For it, write the abbreviated text and click on the speech bubble icon that will appear on the right, right next to the button to send the message. When you do, the abbreviated text will be changed to the full one that you had configured, regardless of how long it was.