How to use temporary Instagram messages with Temporary Mode

We are going to explain to you how to use Instagram temporary messages, explaining first what exactly they are and how they differ from WhatsApp, because there are differences. This is a new feature that is beginning to reach users in the latest Instagram update, but if you still can’t use it as we will tell you, you will have to wait for future updates.

We are going to start by explaining to you what these messages in Temporary Instagram Mode really are, and how they are different from temporary WhatsApp messages. Then, we will move on to explain how they are activated, something that you can do with just a simple gesture.

What are temporary Instagram messages

Temporary messages are a trend that we are seeing in more and more applications. Its reason for being is to be able to have ephemeral conversations, in which what we write disappears later without leaving a trace, although they can always be saved by screenshots, but at least they do not remain permanent by default.

Temporary WhatsApp messages arrived last month, disappearing every 24 hours. However, on Instagram the mechanics are different, and messages will be deleted when you close the conversation in which they have been written. For example, you are talking to a person, and when you leave their chat, even if you have not closed Instagram, the messages will disappear.

You will not be able to choose which messages are temporary and which are not, since it is not something you can configure before sending them. Is about a mode that you can leave activated so that all messages are temporary, and then turn it off when you want to rewrite normal.

What happens in the temporary messages mode, stays in the temporary messages mode, and when it is active you can continue speaking normally. You can also continue sending images, GIFs, stickers or video calls, only if you do it while in this mode of temporary messages, all their trace will disappear.

Temporary messages are called Temporary Mode, and when you activate them the screen goes black and you receive notifications when sending the publications. Come on, it is impossible to send messages without knowing whether or not you are in this mode.

How to activate the temporary mode of Instagram

To use temporary Instagram messages, you first have to enter the conversation where you want to activate them. Once you are in it, swipe up within chat content, and when you do it you will see that you are told what to do to activate the temporary mode.

The temporary mode will be activated, and if you were in the light theme you will see that everything goes back to the dark theme. A warning will appear that you are in temporary mode, and everything you write with it active will disappear. Above you have a button to deactivate it whenever you want.