Humble Bundle has been purchased by the group IGN Entertainment

Humble Bundle has announced its sale to the IGN Entertainment group.

Jeffrey Rosen, co-creator of Humble, assures that the service will continue as it has been until now, something that IGN’s Mitch Galbraith has reaffirmed with the English saying “if something is not broken, do not try to fix it.”

Galbraith says the idea is that Humble can lean on IGN resources to raise even more for NGOs. Rosen has taken the opportunity to indicate that, since its launch, Humble has raised 106 million dollars for various NGOs.

Humble, in addition to offering game packs paying the desired amount of money, an online store and a monthly subscription service, has its own game publishing label.

IGN Entertainment is a subsidiary of Ziff Davis, a part of the j2 Global conglomerate. According to Gamasutra, the talks began about a year ago.