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Humble Devolver Bundle available

Humble Devolver Bundle available

The new Humble Devolver Bundle is now available.

As usual, you can secure various games with the bundle. Pay what you want and you will get, for example, A Fistful of Gun, Ronin, Gods Will Be Watching and from one dollar also a new customer discount of 10 percent for Humble Monthly.

For the average price, you’ll also get Not a Hero, Shadow Warrior, Dropsy, and a 50% discount coupon for The Talos Principle to redeem on the Humble Store.

If you invest at least $10, you can also add Titan Souls and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star to your collection.

Most of the games are DRM-free and available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux, with select titles only available for Windows or Windows/Mac. To get Steam keys, you have to pay at least one dollar. Information about the system requirements can be found here.