Originally, we could have learned a lot more about the Ruler, but the scenes related to it ended up on the cutting board.

By definition, the following lines contain spoilers about the age of Star Wars: Skywalker, so keep reading with this information in mind!

Maryann Brandon, an early co-editor of Skywalker (who held this position alongside JJ Abrams), recently told in an interview why they finally decided to cut out much of Palpatine’s background story from the film, which returned from death. To the best of our knowledge, the 1983 Star Wars: The Jedi is back in the life of the Ruler, but the new cinema revealed that Palpatine had somehow survived the fall. Or maybe he didn’t even survive, but was resurrected by some sort of Sith practice. It is no coincidence that it is not entirely clear to the spectators how the emperor returned, as the age of Skywalker simply forgot to explain this. Yet Brandon said the original plans still concealed specific explanations.

Eventually, however, it was decided to cut out several scenes from Palpatine. Brandon put it this way, trying to find a balance between how much info the cover is pulled off and how much detail is left to mysticism. Eventually, then, they decided (or maybe it wasn’t them who decided that way, but Disney, but let’s talk about that a little later) that they show much less of Palpatine’s background than they originally wanted. Maryann Brandon even provided a specific explanation, which, however, involuntarily raises a man’s eyebrows. This is exactly what the cutter said:

“We condensed a lot of information into the film, we wanted a lot of characters to focus on the audience. I think we felt like we didn’t want to overcrowd the film with things you didn’t necessarily have to know.”

Seriously? Don’t we have to know how the greatest protagonist of the movie canon Star Wars has returned? Okay, I understand that the original trilogy didn’t tell anything about the Ruler yet, we didn’t know his name specifically, and yet we had no problem with that. I, too, confess that not all answers need to be chewed into our mouths, nor have I been so bothered by speciel Snoke that he has not been shown in detail how he came to the head of the First Order (obviously there are those who think completely differently).

But let’s not regret playing time anymore, as we cover in half a sentence how the evil who moved the threads in the Star Wars universe for 9 parts could return. Or if they did, we could expect a much more plausible explanation, after all, good and bad can be said about the early history of Skywalker, the fact that the story spins very quickly, but there is no question of pounding a huge amount of information on the viewer. , which the average cinema-goer is unable to cope with. We’re dealing with a particularly simple story, which is also no problem, Star Wars has never been famous for big screws and complicated story threads, but then let’s not use that as an excuse anymore.

The specific answers, of course, probably won’t stay in the account forever, they’ll certainly tell us in the form of books and comics once what’s been left out of Skywalker’s time. And before I forget, Disney’s impact may also be interesting on the whole subject because the #ReleaseTheJJCut hashtag has recently become increasingly popular on Twitter, meaning people are demanding to see the original version of JJ Abrams from the ninth episode. Although the film was cut by Abrams (and the protagonist of this news, Maryann Brandon), there is a lot of rumor that Disney eventually demanded quite a big change, and we could only watch the cinema that not the Abrams but the studio had dreamed of. me.

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