During Black Friday, Amazon has put us a good number of offers on articles of Manzana with which to save. Above all, various models and variants of Apple watch, but also mice and a keyboard. Of the rest of the articles, there are no longer any reduced, but if you were waiting for a better offer for one of the watches on the block and it did not arrive, take a look at these that you still have available until tomorrow.

Apple Watch Series 5

  • Starting with the cheapest option in the Series 5 we have it for the basic model, the 40mm Sport version GPS + Cellular, in silver and with white straps. This one comes out for 369.05 euros, with a discount of almost 110 euros from the usual 479. It is the lowest price we have seen it at.
  • The same model but with the larger size, the 44mm, it costs us only a little more, 399.05 euros, with a discount of about 110 euros, from the previous 509. We also have it in gold at the same price and with the same discount.
  • Already in steel, we can choose the model of 40mm in color black, with silicone straps and in version GPS + Cellular for 499 euros. Here the discount is more than 123 euros compared to the previous 622.20. We also have it in silver at the same price.
  • The same model, identical in everything except in size, since it is the one of 44mm, it comes out for 529.05 euros, and is reduced from 729 to 200 euros! Another record low, no doubt. If we choose it in silver we can also get it at the same price.
  • We even have the option to buy it in gold, also with the steel case, at the same 529.05 euros, also reduced from 729 euros, with those almost 200 euros off, although in this case, we only have the option of the model in 44mm.
  • If we also prefer the touch of style that the strap provides Milanese Loop, we can get hold of it Apple Watch Series 5 in steel, in the size of 44mm GPS + Cellular with said strap and in the three color options (black, gold and silver), for a tight 599.05 euros. In this case we have a discount of about 147 euros compared to the previous 746.14.
  • If instead we prefer to get the smallest model, we also have the three colors to choose from (black, gold and silver) for 549.05 euros. In this case, they go down from 729 euros, so we will be saving about 180 euros.

Apple Watch Series 4

  • Fewer options we have to choose a Apple Watch Series 4, although there are also a few. For example, if we choose the model of 40mm GPS + Cellular in aluminum, we can get it for 416 euros, although only in space gray. We will not be saving about 44 euros compared to the previous 459.99 euros, although with the price that the equivalent Series 5 has, this offer does not compensate.
  • Nor is the Apple Watch Series 4 Sport with GPS + Cellular in 44mm, which we can choose in silver gray and gold (not space gray), for 489.99 euros. It comes reduced by about 90 euros from the usual 579, but we say that it is not too interesting because, for just 10 euros more, we can have the equivalent Series 5.
  • We also have a couple of options in steel for the Series 4 with silicone straps. We speak in any case of the model GPS + Cellular of 44mm, which we can buy in two colors (silver and gold). In this case we have a more interesting price than that of the aluminum models, of 489.99 euros, reduced by about 89 euros from the previous 579.
  • As with the Series 5, from Apple Watch Series 4 we also have to choose the model steel with Milanese Loop strap. If it is the one we like, we have it available in gold or silver, with GPS + Cellular and in 40mm for 599.99 euros. Its discount is about 139 euros, since the previous price was 739 euros.
  • Finally, if we prefer the larger model, we also have it in 44mm and in gold or silver, also in the variant GPS + Cellular to 619.99 euros. This option is reduced from 780.90, so the savings in this case is about 161 euros.

Prices and availability may vary after publication

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