Xbox has revealed that while we can’t run our games from traditional hard drives, USB 3.1 HDDs won’t be completely useless.

Switching to a new generation of consoles is always a certain commitment, especially if you buy the machine you need to run your daily betting games out of your big hard-earned money.

For those looking for a cheaper solution, the Xbox seems to have provided better options in the form of the cheap Xbox Series X, but generational change can still come with a lot of hidden costs. We can save on this if we don’t sell our previous hard drives right away.

We have known for a long time that in the case of the Xbox Series X, we will only be able to use Seagate SSDs specially made for them to expand the storage space, we can only run our games from these. Now, however, Xbox has detailed in a blog post that we will be able to store our games in other ways as well.

Should we run out of built-in storage, we can smoothly transfer our games to a 3.1 HDD. We won’t be able to run them from these, but they’re perfect for storing them, and when we start spinning the titles again, all we have to do is copy them back to the built-in SSD.

This can be especially useful for those who don’t have a good internet, as you don’t have to constantly delete and then re-download and install games.

Of course, if you want to run your Xbox One, Xbox 360, or Original Xbox games on the Xbox Series X | S, you can do so from the HDD as well. So anyone who is patient and doesn’t mind having to sometimes copy a game (which is much faster than downloading it) can easily save 80-90 thousand forints – that’s how much an SSD made for the new Xbox will cost.

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