If you need new Joy-Con, this alternative is much cheaper, and also more ergonomic: it costs only € 39

There are many controllers for Nintendo Switch, some of them alternative to Joy-Con, nothing more and nothing less. Of them all, Hori’s are probably the best, and they’re on sale now on Amazon.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con are one of the great features that make this console something different from the usual, although they are not free of problems that make you have to bet on a couple of new controllers in the long run, especially if you play many hours in portable mode.

Fortunately, variety is not lacking, although not all official controllers have the Nintendo seal. There are some that do have it and are also very cheap: the Hori Split Pad Pro, which right now Amazon has on offer for € 39.99 in blue. in black and also in red.

One of the things in which they stand out and that makes them even a better option than the Joy-Con, or at least very different, is their grip. Count on improved ergonomics, with wider palm support, something that will undoubtedly help a lot in games of hours and hours.

To top it all, there is something that makes them a practically unbeatable purchase for those who get the most out of their Switch: programmable back buttons, which will help you in many types of games and which are increasingly fashionable.

The size of the buttons, the crossbar and the joysticks is somewhat larger than usual, a way to make movements more precise.

Their price makes them undoubtedly one of the accessories for Switch that you should consider buying at some point, especially if the Joy-Con are already showing the dreaded drifting.

As they cost more than 29 euros and are sold directly by Amazon, you will not even have to worry about shipping because it will be totally free to any part of Spain, whether you have Amazon Prime or not.

Of course, if you take the opportunity to sign up now for the Prime free trial month, if you haven’t already, you will receive your purchase at home much faster.

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