If you would buy a TV, choose one that is ready for the future!

Samsung SUHD TVs are able to meet all the needs of high-end TVs. Not only the contrast, brightness and stunning colors are new, but also the visual experience provided by the curved screen and the Smart TV features that are more easily accessible through the latest generation operating system.

We are moving towards an age when there is no need for consoles or PCs, we can immerse ourselves in the world of video games just by buying a TV and a controller. Samsung Smart SUHD TV is ready for the future.

With SUHD displays, we can talk about the impressive image quality made possible by the Samsung Quantum dot display and Ultra High-Def resolution. This resolution not only enhances the gaming experience, but gives the feeling that we are becoming part of the game; virtual reality comes to life.

Gone are the days when we wouldn’t have to queue in the store, wait for downloads, and if all went well, we wouldn’t even need to upgrade or replace our console to enjoy the latest games in the highest quality. Switching between video games is now at least as simple as switching channels on TV. For Samsung Smart SUHD TV, all you need is a controller, internet connection and remote control to get into the game. The hard task is just deciding which game you want to start with.

Features of Samsung Smart TV: don’t just play, get involved!

Samsung Smart SUHD TV is not only easier to play, but also more comfortable, but it’s not the only reason it’s one of the best TVs designed specifically for games. With unparalleled picture and sound quality, you too become a player and participate in the game. You will be more than just a player.

The world’s best designers and developers have been working for years to create the latest games. They combine creativity with realism and emotion for the impeccable execution of masterpieces. Once you see a reflection of Lara Croft in the waters of a forest lake in Tomb Raider, it will immediately become clear to you that the Samsung Smart SUHD TV is one of the best televisions to run games: the details are vivid and bring the adventures on the screen to life.

The Samsung Quantum Dot display offers excellent brightness and a wide range of colors. In how many colors? Up to a billion! Another fantastic feature of the Samsung Smart TV is the 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, which offers a sharp picture for a realistic display.

It’s a new technology with perfect colors, outstanding brightness and stunning contrast. Learn more about Samsung TVs online!