Since we are in full Christmas, We are taking the opportunity to make articles of recommendations for all those who have been very good during the year, and that Santa Claus has left them a console under the tree of Christmas.

In this way, yesterday we told you the essential games that you would have to have to start playing in Playstation 4 and today it is the turn of the family of Xbox One. As you know, we have between us Xbox One, Xbox One S and the newcomer Xbox One X, and as, Microsoft It has a great line of exclusive video games that you can enjoy. In this way, we are going to recommend you 5 games you should have with you if you have received one Xbox One this Christmas.

1.- Halo: The Master Chief Collection

We started off strong talking about a great classic on the Microsoft platform. It could not be otherwise than the mythical Master Chief and his Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In this pack, we find in a single disc the remastrization of Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversay, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo: Nightfall… almost nothing.

If you have already enjoyed this incredible game pack, you have other options within the Halo saga. So we meet Halo 5 Guardians, the immediate continuation of Halo 4 which hit the market last year 2015. And if you have been wanting more, we also recommend the recent Halo Wars 2, the great sequel to the strategy game of the Halo franchise.

It is essential that you know the story of the Master Chief, and it is one of the most important exclusive games that Xbox has seen in its history. You will not be disappointed!

2.- Gears of War: Ultimate Edition / Gears of War 4

Another of the wonders that he has left us Xbox in the market is the saga Gears of war. Originally, the franchise saw its departure in Xbox 360, and after the release of Xbox One the saga received a version of the original game remastered with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. In fact, this title also offered its players digital download, thanks to the backward compatibility of the platform), Gears of War 2 and 3.

If by any chance you have already played the original trilogy, we also recommend Gears of war 4, a title that arrived on the console just over a year ago and that continues to receive content for its multiplayer mode every month. The campaign moves away from the usual protagonist Marcus Fenix, and offers us to monitor your child. In this way there are some ties that still remain. A great story to play in our new Xbox One.

3.- Forza Motorsport 7 / Forza Horizon 3

We forgot about the shots for a while, and if our thing is the speed, the Forza saga will offer us hours and hours of entertainment on our new Xbox One. Thus, speed addicts have several alternatives to choose from.

We meet the saga Forza Motorsport, which with its seventh installment gives us the opportunity to drive more than 700 vehicles on 32 different circuits, with a level of realism and graphic finishes worth mentioning. Also, coinciding with the output of Xbox One X, the game has received a fairly substantial visual upgrade.

On the other hand, we also have to talk about Forza Horizon, which has already brought to light 3 deliveries. In case someone does not know him, Forza Horizon 3 is an open world racing video game contextualized in Australia. In addition, the stage is twice as large as its predecessor (Forza Horizon 2), another game that, if you have been wanting more, we also encourage you to try.

4.- Quantum Break

Another one of the exclusive titles that you should have around in your Xbox One, would Quantum break. We think that this title developed by Remedy Entertainment it is somewhat underrated, as it has a very interesting history, along with a magnificent technical section. Of the best there is in Xbox One in relation to a story mode. You should give it a well deserved chance.

5.- Cuphead

At this point in the movie … Who does not know the game Cuphead? Without fear of being wrong, we can say that it has been one of the indies games of the year. This game proposes a classic 2D action and platform game focused mainly on battles against final bosses.

Inspired by cartoons from the decade of 1930, the images and the Audio have been carefully created with the same techniques of the time, that is, the traditional animation (hand drawn and hand inked). It is a very fun game, although frustrating at times, that all those indie lovers will surely enjoy.

And so far our list of video games that you should have on your Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. As with PlayStation 4, it has been difficult to make a selection, but if you look in the Xbox store you will find a wide range of proposals to play for the first time on your new Xbox.

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