Immortals Fenyx Rising – mastering Athena’s thrust, Atalante shadow heroine, boss fight (Grove of Cleos)

Mastering Athena’s thrust

In order to even enter this vault on the dark island in the northwest, you need the laser immunity upgrade for Athena’s thrust (the ramming attack with the shield). This is the only way to get through the close-meshed laser barrier that blocks access.

In the vault you stand on the round switch platform in front of the laser barrier so that the red energy door disappears behind it and then scurry through with LB / L1 / L plus X / square / Y. With that you have basically already learned what you need to pass this level.

Sail across the pit to the other side, use a double jump and while in the air, Athena’s thrust to get to the higher level through the lasers and, after a few repetitions, get to the second checkpoint. Now slide east through the lasers with a combination of Athena’s thrust and Ares’ wrath.

Now it’s on to the northeast. In the following section you have to break a few boxes with the help of Athena’s thrust in order to move forward. So you gradually fight your way to the fourth checkpoint.

The jump sequence gets a bit trickier here, but if you use Athena’s thrust skillfully, you can easily get to the fifth checkpoint after a short glider flight. Always remember that with Ares’ Wrath you have a third leap up your sleeve when things get tight. After this section you can jump to the left to the sixth checkpoint:

You also climb this massif, on its west side. Jump at the top and then slide over to the target with the sliding thrust Lightning of Zeus. Instead of taking it, you climb onto the roof of the small shrine and look south.

From this height you can easily reach the massif that leads to chest leads. It contains the Armor Enduring wisdom. Not only does it look extremely good, it also has a 36 percent chance of hitting up to three opponents with lightning if a headshot is taken.

Then you jump back to Zeus’s lightning bolt and also take the contents of the chest there on you, because underneath there is another Lightning of Zeus. Then you officially mastered Athena’s thrust, because this vault is done.

Atalante shadow heroine

Run down to the lava flow and shoot a guided arrow through it. It catches fire. Now steer it through the rings and into the torch to create updraft platforms.

Do the same in the next place first on the left, then on the right, until both purple crystals are illuminated. It gets a little more difficult here because some of the rings you have to shoot through move. The best thing is that you have already activated the precision control for Apollon’s arrows for this vault. Without it, it will be at least problematic, if not impossible, for the right rings at the latest.

The rings on the right side are arranged a bit strange and you have to fly a very steep zigzag course, which can of course be made easier with the precision control. If you still have a few endurance potions with you, you can fly around with your arrow for a while.

If both torches are lit, you can take the next updraft to the boss room.

Boss fight Atalante

It is particularly important here to turn off the bear first. Again and again you should be careful not to be hit by Atalante’s arrows, which she fired from outside your field of vision. However, they are easy to parry. You wrestle the bear with Athena’s thrust and ax blows through stunning damage. Move so that he is as often as possible exactly in Atalante’s trajectory. This is how he blocks their shots at you.

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