By now the players know that in Animal Crossing: New Horizons it is possible to have only one console island (which is why many people have rated the game negatively on Metacritic). Multiple users can create their own character, but they all live on the same shared island.

This allows you to see your space blossom when you are not there, as other users can contribute with various chores and leave messages and gifts. But, as users are now discovering, the first person who logs into the game is the first resident that other players have to rely on. Decisions on how to build and place buildings, such as the Museum, are made by the lead player, as the “representative of the island”.

This thread was created within Reddit and is a kind of warning to those who have children, brothers or sisters who might get bored after a short time. “This may seem like a minor problem until the first resident is your child who stops playing after a month or two,” said one player.

So it seems that if the main player stops joining the game, all that remains is to reset everything and start over on a new island. So be careful if you want to play with other members of your family!

We remind you that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. At this link you can take a look at our complete guide.