A Microsoft spokesman clarified the uncertainties surrounding the name.

It was a big surprise when Microsoft unveiled at The Game Awards that Project Scarlett will actually run under the name Xbox Series X and they also showed off the look that meme manufacturers prefer to take the lead. Since then, we’ve gathered everything there is to know about the console, but for many, it was still not entirely clear why Series X became the name.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has previously said that the Series X symbolizes, on the one hand, that this model brings together everything that means the brand (e.g., capable of running all previous generation games and supporting its peripherals), and on the other hand, this “Series “is much more usable and clearer for future consoles. However, this did not serve as a sufficient explanation for everyone, so speaking to Business Investor, a Microsoft spokesman said the new console was simply called Xbox only: “The name we will carry over to the next generation is simply seen at the Xbox and The Game Awards, as name comes to life through Xbox Series X. ” All this suggests that additional models are expected, such as the S and X for the Xbox One.

The Xbox Series X – or just plainly Xbox based on the above – will arrive sometime in late 2020. Are you waiting?

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