He could also instruct him to continue Jumanji and Ice Magic.

With the age of Skywalker, an era came to an end and the farewell was nowhere near as painful as we thought (in fact, Kevin Smith said it was downright fantastic), but directing JJ Abrams pretty much divided fans and critics alike, and that affects cinema audiences as well. It was feared that the box offices would ring with restraint and although the film did not perform poorly after its opening weekend, it could fall big in China.

Well, according to box office statistics for the last weekend of the year, the early march of Star Wars: Skywalker has yet to be broken by other shows, raising $ 72 million, bringing it to more than $ 720 million worldwide.

Second place went to Jumanji: The next level managed to be pinched with a collection of 35.3 million (totaling $ 470 million overall), while Greta Gerwig’s (Lady Bird) novelty, Misses, which debuted in domestic cinemas at the end of January, reached the third stage of the podium. , With $ 52 million. Here are the American Top 10 of the last weekend of 2019:

1. Star Wars: The Age of Skywalker (home premiere: released)
2. Jumanji: The Next Level (domestic presentation: released)
3. Misses (domestic presentation: January 30)
4. Ice Magic 2. (domestic presentation: published)
5. Spy (domestic presentation: published)
6. Arrested (domestic presentation: January 2)
7. Uncut Gems (domestic show: unknown)
8. Cats (domestic show: released)
9. Scandal (domestic presentation: January 9)
10. Richard Jewell’s ballad (domestic premiere: January 23)

What have you seen from the above and what are you going to sit in in January?

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