In the queue? Then play this WoW Classic Level in Super Mario Maker 2

Have you come back to World of WarCraft Classic and stuck in the queue for now?

Reddit user Zejety probably thought of that when he created a level in Super Mario Maker 2.

“I created this course while waiting for the World of WarCraft Classic launch last Tuesday,” he writes.

How to package WoW Classic in Super Mario Maker 2.

In it, he addresses all the annoyances that he expects people to struggle with.

This also means that you have to go through a queue in the level. And there are quests and in the end you better saved your money for a mount.

“It’s a short and easy course,” so not a big challenge. But it should make WoW players smile.

If you want to try out whether this works, you can find the course using the following code: XSR-7K2-N1G.

You can see more pictures here.

Source: Reddit

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