The goal of the first season of Netflixes Butter was to showcase the world and the characters, and the next will be to put these items into the story – at least as promised.

Now that The Witcher’s first season has finally gone and the second has officially gotten the green light, showrunner Lauren Hissrich has finally been able to tell a bit about the goals for next season to GamesRadar reporters. He said all the elements that have just been presented will be really taken advantage of in the sequel.

The goal will be to get a much stronger story out of the episodes:

“The story will be much stronger as the relationships between the characters presented in the first season will really come to fruition in the second. They’ll meet several times, sometimes they’ll fry well, sometimes not so much. we would start building on it now. “

I hadn’t gotten to the point of getting into the first season yet, but my colleagues and friends were pretty happy with it. How have you liked the series so far?

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