in two months it has lost half of its players and viewers on Twitch

2020 has taught us in the grossest way it is remembered that fashions are called that because they come and go. And 2021 seems to have no intention of changing that definition. What one day was Fall Guys the next was Among Us, and now the baton has been taken over by Rust to the detriment of each other.

The peak of Among us It was lived between August and September with figures that reached almost 500,000 players on Steam and 700,000 viewers on Twitch. On average, however, it has happened from 176,000 PC players to just 50,000.

Of the 12,000 streamers who chose the game as bait for their audience just over 2,000 left And, as usual, the broadcast platform seems to be the best thermometer to take the temperature of the game’s health.

They are still scandal numbers that millions of developers around the world would sign without hesitation, but also a clear downward curve that is very difficult to turn around. And to show another example, that of a Fall Guys which has moved from about 150,000 viewers to just 6,000 in the last month.

The burning nail he’s clinging to now Among us is the arrival of your new map and the sum of users Which, hopefully, will ease the bleeding a bit with the Switch edition or its landing on Game Pass, but it seems like one of those cases where there’s little room for maneuver. We’ll see if they can get any genius out of the hat.