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In recent days, users of the Instagram social network have encountered difficulties in viewing stories. An update was released on Wednesday to fix this bug.

What has stung Instagram stories? Since yesterday, or even Monday, many users of the social network have complained that stories already viewed reappear in a loop, preventing them from immediately accessing new content.

An app update was released this Wednesday, June 15 to fix the issue.

On Twitter, the testimonies of annoyed Internet users have flourished in recent days. All reported the same problem: Instagram did not seem to remember their recent activities on the network, and more specifically in the stories.


Concretely, if a friend published a series of five stories and the user affected by the bug only consulted four of them before moving on to other content, the application no longer allowed him to directly see the fifth story, new for him. , during his next visit.

Instead, the user was taken back to the beginning of the series of posts, forced to skip the content already viewed in order to finally be able to access the latest story.

Meta spokeswoman Christine Pai said she was aware of the problem. Stating that Instagram was “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible,” she apologized for the inconvenience.

Finally, this Wednesday, June 15, an update to the Instagram mobile application was published in the App Store to fix the problem. The download description doesn’t specifically mention the Stories bug, but people have confirmed they saw it go away after installing it.

Instagram stories bug: what’s pissing users off around the world

This has the gift of pissing off Instagram users, whether they are experts in the field, or more novices. Since Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the platform belonging to the Meta group has indeed been plagued by a worldwide bug. And if it is far from concerning everyone, since only certain users of iOs seem to be impacted, it is nonetheless a bit annoying. This is even beginning to be felt on social networks, and more particularly on Twitter where, it is well known, the biggest complainers on the planet are used to complaining. All you have to do is type “Instagram bug stories” in the platform’s search bar to find out…

Instagram stories that repeat themselves over and over again

Concerns one of Instagram’s flagship features: stories. They have therefore been playing tricks on some for more than 24 hours. And for good reason, the application no longer seems to memorize ephemeral videos already watched in the past, as if the history had simply been deleted. Results : as soon as someone posts a new story, it forces some users to watch all their stories uploaded in the last 24 hours. A major problem, especially when the people whose content we observe publish about twenty videos a day…

The Meta group seems to have fixed the problem

The Meta group immediately said it was “aware of the situation” and very quickly assured “to do everything possible to correct this as quickly as possible”. However, the bug persisted for several hours, which greatly hampered the customer experience.

Instagram loops Stories

Note that this bug only affects some users, some being miraculously spared. Following the alerts, the application quickly announced that it was studying the problem in order to offer a solution to its users. In the aftermath, Christine Pai, a spokeswoman for Meta, said in an email that the company was “aware that some people were having difficulty accessing Instagram Stories.” Since then, the bug seems to be fixed. Indeed, Instagram released an update for the app in the App Store this Wednesday morning. For users where the problem persists, it is therefore recommended to perform this update or uninstall the application and reinstall it.


The application was the victim of a bug, which an update must now correct.

You had viewed the first three stories posted by an acquaintance, and a little later, wanting to see the fourth, Instagram decides to show you those already viewed. If this has happened to you in recent hours, know that you are not an isolated case: the platform has bugs affecting viewing, recognized the company from Menlo Park (California).

Meta spokeswoman Christine Pai admitted yesterday “that some users have had problems accessing Instagram stories”, also explaining that the social network “is working to get things back to normal as soon as possible”, and s apologize for the inconvenience.

Update released

At the heart of the problem, a bug affecting the ability of the application to take into account what you have already viewed, but also where you stopped, so as not to offer the same content twice. The bug was reportedly particularly prevalent for iOS users.

Do you see double stories on Instagram? It’s a social bug

Instagram has been hit by an annoying bug with stories. In fact, it seems that several users have to review all of someone’s stories before they can see new ones. For example, if a friend posted five stories and only watched four before scrolling, the next time Instagram will restart from the first and not the last viewed. Therefore, a not exactly comfortable short circuit is generated in a social network focused on communication and digital content. Content creators would be particularly affected.

Meta spokeswoman Christine Pai said via email that the company is “aware that some people are having difficulty accessing Instagram Stories.” He further added that Instagram is “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.” Finally, she apologized for the inconvenience caused.

The main problem is being tied to the Instagram app, unable to remember the order in which a user’s stories are displayed, so each time it repeats the same content from scratch. Despite reports, the bug doesn’t seem that widespread anyway, so much so that it’s not even trending on Twitter. Even in the social with the blue bird, it is possible to trace certain reports, but the problem of Instagram seems to remain limited to user niches. Meanwhile, Meta has guaranteed to work for a permanent resolution, to avoid unfortunate and unfortunate people affected by the bug having to revisit the same stories every time they access the application.

In general, Instagram is in a phase of great changes. Some heavy, like the personalization of the chat, others official like the change of the algorithm which rewards the original content instead of others drawn from competing platforms. Yes, the reference is to TikTok.