Instagram and Messenger receive a new way in which messages disappear like in Snapchat: this is how it works

Facebook has announced the launch of a function called ‘Vanish Mode’ or ‘Disappear Mode’ in which messages are ephemeral and disappear when the recipient has already seen them. Some parts of Instagram already had a similar functionality, but now they are taken to all the direct messages of the application, for those users who wish to activate it.

After having these similar functions for a while, now Facebook is back to focus on that function that so characterizes this generation that lives in the culture of the ephemeral. Of course, at the moment this mode of disappearance of messages will only be available in Messenger in some countries among which Spain is not found. Instagram will have to wait a little longer even for users from that country.

Swipe a conversation up to make messages fade

As explained by Facebook in the announcement, the functionality of the mode is very simple. When we are in a normal and ordinary conversation with a friend or acquaintance, activating the mode so that the messages disappear will only involve a simple action: swipe up conversation.

At that time, it can be deactivated by doing the opposite of activating, i.e. swiping down. Yes indeed, Before entering a conversation with this new mode, the recipient of the request must accept it, it is not something that changes automatically without the agreement of the participants.

Once seen, messages disappear automatically. They have not specified whether when taking a screenshot the sender of the message is notified, as happened until now on Instagram, but it is logical that this is the case to guarantee privacy. A few days ago, WhatsApp announced that there will also be self-destructing messages on your instant messaging. The ephemeral is a trend.

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