Google has improved mobile search with the inclusion of short videos from Instagram and TikTok. From now on, and starting with the United States, users will have access to recommended from both social networks that can be viewed directly by pressing on the card.

Mobile applications are a priority in smartphones, but they are not essential to access a good part of the services since many of these are also offered from the web browser. And Google has been integrating a large part of the services so that you do not need or search on the pages: from YouTube results to your own Stories. What’s more, it has started to insert short videos from Instagram and TikTok; that are displayed directly in the mobile application.

Instagram and TikTok are integrated into search content

Google has evolved its search engine to such an extent that it is often not necessary to enter the pages it offers to access the information. The enriched searches select the specific data that they were looking for to insert them with the cast of a movie, the cinemas where it is broadcast, Google offers search-related flights and even integrates videos to complement the data of the pages. And not just from YouTube.

Short videos from Instagram and TikTok have started to appear in searches made from mobile phones, both Android and iPhone. Just search for terms that integrate these enriched searches (so far we have only found it with ‘Packers’, the famous NFL team) so that Google integrates short videos from TikTok and Instagram into the results; apart from images, YouTube videos, match schedule and various other direct results.

The deployment of this function is limited, as is usually the case with Google. At the moment it only works in the United States and under the English language; although it will surely spread to more languages ​​and countries soon. And always under the same scheme: short videos related in the form of a carousel with cards; that are played when clicking on any of the videos displayed.

With Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, Google expands search options with rich and featured card results

Thanks to this integration it would no longer be essential to search within apps since Google would offer global results in its own search engine. Thus, not only does it include more options for the user, it also ensures that they will return to the search once they view the video.

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