Instagram bug gives false positives on camera access when using app on iOS 14 beta devices

Again it takes a few weeks for the final version of iOS 14 to arrive to all compatible Apple devices, but the most impatient users can already try out the new features that will be incorporated in the next big update of the operating system via public betas.

While it is not recommended to install trial versions on everyday devices, the « brave » who are encouraged to do so help find bugs and errors they can notify Apple so that they can be corrected in the final update. This also applies to app developers, in this case Instagram.

The green dot on the status bar that warns of access to the camera in applications

Security is one of the things Apple tends to focus on with every new update to its operating systems, and iOS and iPadOS 14 are no exception. Devices with this version installed will display a green dot in the top status bar when an application is accessing the camera, preventing users from any recklessness or strange behavior.

Many users who have installed Instagram on iPhone with iOS 14 have noticed that when you browse the food photos and videos, a green dot appeared in the status bar, which implies that the application was accessing the camera even if no photos were taken, which is not normal since this function is not needed in this scenario.

Casually browsing Instagram when suddenly the new iOS 14 camera / microphone indicator lights up. Then the control panel pulled out the app behind it. It will change things. # iOS14

– KevDoy (@KevDoy) July 17, 2020

A spokesperson for the social network spoke with The edge about it, and ensures this is a false positive error in which they work, and which in no way access users’ cameras when they enter Instagram:

We only access your camera when you ask us to – for example, when you leave food to the camera. We found a bug in the beta of iOS 14 that incorrectly tells some people that their camera is in use when in fact it isn’t, and we’re already working to fix it. We do not access the camera in this situation and no content is recorded.

The beta of iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 does not convince you? We can therefore go back to version 13

This controversy comes weeks after learning of the scandal that many of the most popular apps on the App Store, such as TikTok, Chrome or AliExpress, paste content from the clipboard into their apps without notice. Until now, users weren’t aware of this, but With iOS 14, a message appears to warn you of this behavior.