Instagram, close to also becoming a blogging platform by allowing all its users to post ‘guides’

Earlier this year, Instagram launched a new feature called Guides: its goal was to enable a relatively limited group of influencers from the health and wellness arena share more extensive content (integrating images, galleries, video and text) within a specific tab within their profiles.

But now, after garnering good reviews during these months, not only will these creators be able to include product guides in the app store, but also access to the Guides functionality is released and is accessible to each and every one of the users of the social network.

Instagram, hunting for your attention

And this is more relevant than it seems, because it opens the door to a totally different use of Instagram than usual for a network that has always been characterized by a highly focused approach on the visual (image / video).

Now, as a consequence of its search to increase the time of permanence of users on its platform, Instagram seems to have reinvented the good old blog format.

Thus, where before many content creators looked obliged to accompany their publications (or their own bios) with a link to external websitess to give them context, which made users end up leaving Instagram in search of that complementary information …

… information that can now be generated and distributed from the social network itself. And users will also be able to expand the dissemination of the guides they create, sharing them through their own Stories and Direct Messages.