Instagram extends the duration of its live broadcasts to 4 hours, and will shortly allow archiving them for 30 days

The current pandemic has changed the way we use networks and create content And, as has already happened with other online platforms, Instagram has decided to adapt to the wishes of its users.

An increasing number of these resort to live broadcasts to, for example, organize those events that can no longer be held in person (from classes to concerts, through congresses of all kinds).

And that is why those responsible for the platform have decided to increase the usefulness of Instagram Live increasing its maximum duration to 4 hours, compared to the current 60 minutes.

Three more hours to create content … and 30 more days to download it

This change only makes the maximum duration of Instagram live broadcasts equal to those of Facebook, also located at 4 o’clock (at least, when we broadcast from mobile devices, since Facebook users have twice the time if they choose to use a PC).

The change will begin to be implemented from today, but perhaps not all content creators with an Instagram account will be able to take advantage of this change: the company has implied that For now, it will not be activated in accounts with a previous history of violations.

On the other hand, Instagram has made another announcement of a future functionality related to live broadcasts: the possibility of archiving these for a maximum of 30 days.

Until now, the only way to make them still available once issued happened to post them on IGTV immediately after transmission (option, in turn, not introduced until last May).

Thus, content creators will have a whole month to download your archived live streams and republish them on other social platforms (like Facebook or YouTube), and even to clip snippets and upload them to TikTok.