Instagram has been down on almost everyone since midnight

If you try to access Instagram right now, you will see that you cannot. Neither you nor anyone else, calm down: the favorite social network of users when uploading and retouching photos fell minutes before midnight from Thursday to Friday in various parts of the world, Spain among them.

According to the portal, the platform had been experiencing incidents since approximately 20:30 (Spanish time), but in the last hour connection problems have multiplied.

We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing their Instagram accounts. We’re working quickly to fix the issue. #instagramdown

– Instagram (@instagram) June 13, 2019

Some users report on social media that they are completely unable to access Instagram, while others only complain of not being able to access specific parts of the app, such as searches.

In the case of accessing through the web page, things change: we have verified that in some cases it is possible to access, but in others we are shown an Instagram message notifying the crash or, directly, a 5xx error message from the server.

As we can see in the following map from Outage Report, another of the portals dedicated to monitoring drops in the main platforms and online apps, the areas that are reporting the most connection problems are precisely those that group the bulk of users from Instagram: North America, Western Europe, India, Oceania and some parts of Asia and South America.

The last big Instagram drops took place on March 13 and April 14, but on those occasions it fell along with the rest of the company’s social networks: Facebook and WhatsApp. Today, however, the problem seems to be confined to Instagram.

Twitter users bring a note of humor to the matter

#instagramdown when instagram falls and its users return to twitter

– Arca✒ (@LmpSullyvan) June 13, 2019

Instagram influencers when it goes down trying to be popular on Twitter. #instagramdown

– Naty Gava (naty_gava) June 13, 2019

The New Zealand Police call on Twitter not to panic:

Yes, Instagram is down – don’t panic people.

– New Zealand Police (@nzpolice) June 13, 2019

Update: As of 1:00 a.m. (Spanish time), the rate of incident notification has decreased in both Downdetector and Outage Report, although the service still does not seem to be 100% re-established.