Instagram incorporates a Reels tab and a Shop tab in its new design

Instagram is launching this Thursday its latest redesign that incorporates a Reels tab and a Shop tab. This movement comes after a long time with a practically unchanged home screen and an apparent increase in the use of short videos on the platform owned by Facebook.

The Reels, which emerged a few months ago as a response to the growing TikTok phenomenon, have settled little by little in the social network and those responsible have considered that the time has come to give them greater relevance.

Instagram does not consider it a risk to change too quickly, but not to change and become irrelevant

“The way people create and enjoy culture has changed, and the biggest risk for Instagram is not that we change too quickly, but that we do not change and become irrelevant,” they say qualifying these developments as “a much needed update” without losing sight of simplicity.

Discovering creators and sellers

As we can see in the new design, the button that allows us to upload a new photo or video and the Activity button have been moved from the lower bar to the upper right corner, where we find the button to access direct messages with a design that resembles Messenger; one more possible step in their unification.

The spaces they leave free are those occupied by the Reels and Shop tabs, with the short video section having the central position.

From Instagram they justify these changes based on what was observed during the health crisis

From Instagram they justify these changes based on what was observed during the health crisis. “This year, with the pandemic and much of the world taking refuge on the platform, we’ve seen an explosion of short and entertaining videos on Instagram. We have also seen an incredible amount of online shopping, with more and more people shopping online and young people looking for their favorite creators to recommend what to buy, “they argue.

While the Reels tab makes it easy to discover these types of videos and new creators, Shop’s allows us to discover which products are preferred by creators, what brands offer and how we can support small businesses. All based on personalized recommendations, they say.