Instagram launches new design to increase Reel consumption and purchases

The Instagram design team has been working at full capacity for months as there are already several changes that have been reaching the social network. The last one has to do with the redistribution of sections and buttons, all in favor of consuming more reels, the North American invoice TikTok clone, and that we buy more in the app’s marketplace.

Shopping on Instagram has been active for some time but now they gain a more predominant position on the interface. Instagram has dedicated a lower tab of its main window to the store repository in which to access the entire shopping section. And since space was needed, the search now we have it at the top.

Search and “likes” relocated, within Reels and purchases

The space on the cover of Instagram, and many other apps, is limited, so when new things come in, others have to leave or relocate, this last path is the one taken by the Zuckerberg photography app. Although there is also something that disappears and it is the direct access to the photographs that we liked. Now the “favs” take refuge in our profile.

In the new buttons we have, first of all, the Reels button. Short Instagram videos move to the second position in the bottom bar of app icons, thus moving to the search button that finds a new place at the top, next to the direct messages button. It may take us to get used to it because the search button is often used a lot, but it will be a matter of time.

The central button, speaking of the lower icon bar, is also updated. The classic “plus” sign is now a camera although it maintains the initial functionality. It is still the button that gives us access to the creation of publications for our feed, although for a long time it has also allowed us to create a Reel for our account.

The last change is relative to the entrance of the shops part, which is placed as a fourth button bottom and replaces our favorite photos. From there we will access the stores that we already follow, suggestions for new stores and new products and more. Changes for an app that does not stop evolving, for better or for worse. Let each one decide in what sense they are doing it.