Instagram now allows you to create shortcuts on your Android screen and reorganizes the “Stories” file

Instagram happens to be one of the best known applications both on iOS, where it debuted, and on Android. We recently saw how to celebrate its anniversary it allowed to change the icon of the app on the two mobile platforms and now it is the Android version that receives a new improvement.

Instagram has begun to take advantage of one of the possibilities offered by Android and is deploying the option to create shortcuts on the desktop to some of the most used functions when publishing content on the photographic social network.

Desktop shortcuts

To access Instagram shortcuts, just touch and hold the application icon on your phone’s desktop. You will see how a small window appears with four shortcuts that can be run from that point.

But to save that step, if you click on one of those accesses and drag it to a free point on the screen, you will have a new specific icon to access one of these functions. Currently there are four shortcuts that Instagram offers– Quick access to the camera to post, create a new post, view our activity, and open direct messages.

Stories by sections

But it is not the only improvement that comes in the social network, since in addition Instagram has restructured the Stories section and now it is divided into three sections. Three sections divided as follows: a first with all our stories in reverse chronological order, another with a calendar view mode and a last with a map view for photos that have a location. Remember that to view your story archive you must follow these steps:

  • Access your profile and then click on the three lines in the upper right area
  • On the bottom click on “Settings”
  • Then you must click on “Privacy”
  • Inside privacy look for the “History” section
  • You must have the options activated “Save to gallery” and “Save to file”
  • To see the stories at that point you must go back to your profile and press again on the three horizontal stripes
  • Then click on “Archive” and you will see all your published stories

These new features are available through a server-side upgrade, so that it does not depend on having one or another version of the application installed.