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Instagram Story Viewer: how to view InstaStories anonymously without an account?

Instagram Story Viewer: how to view InstaStories anonymously without an account?

According to the latest Instagram updates, Instagram stories alone are being used by 500 million users every day. Out of these, around 70 percent of the global users watch Instagram stories daily. This shows that Instagram stories have gained the massive attention of millions of individuals, marketers as well and brands. From highly successful celebrities, influential brands, top business tycoons to multi-billionaire companies, almost everyone uses Instagram stories on a regular basis. Well, if updating interesting Insta stories seems like an art to you, then watching the same feels satisfying to the Instagram user.

There’s something fascinating about the Instagram stories that naturally evoke a sense of feeling to know what others are up to. This could be the reason why most users love to creep into other people’s accounts to check out the latest story content they have updated. However, many prefer to create a fake account to view someone’s story without letting the users know. Thankfully, there are other different ways that you can follow to watch Instagram stories anonymously online without anyone knowing. In this guide, we will take you through the easiest yet effective techniques of seeing someone’s IG stories effortlessly.

What Exactly Are Instagram Stories?

In August 2016, Instagram launched its new features known as “INSTAGRAM STORIES” on the worldwide digital platform. According to online experts, Instagram Stories is a refreshing feature that allows only Instagram users to share multiple photos and videos at any given point in time. It can also be infused with funny emojis, doodles, stickers, gifs, etc. just like the Snapchat stories.

In other words, Instagram stories are the bold expansion designed where users can capture moments from their daily lives creatively. But, the slideshow of the photos and videos that you have shared are visible only for 24 hours.

This is how Instagram stories usually work:

● On the home page, a user swipes left on the screen, and the Instagram camera application opens

● The camera application will provide you with two options: First, create new content by tapping the white round button at the bottom. Second, tap the album or gallery icon to upload existing photos or videos available in your gallery

● After adding photos or videos, you also get more interesting options like adding stickers or filters to make your stories look more appealing

● Once you are done adding boomerang, text, drawings, polls, quizzes in your stories, simply tap the + (plus) icon at the bottom right corner to make your stories visible to the users

● A colorful ring will appear around your main profile picture which tells you that your story is officially uploaded and the users can view Instagram stories, highlights, reels, and IGTV anonymously

But the question is how to view Instagram stories without an account and registration. Let’s find out.

3 Incredible Ways How to Watch Insta Stories Anonymously Online

Generally, it is easier for the user to figure out who has seen the stories that they have posted. Though it’s not a big issue. But there may be situations when someone wants to view others’ Instagram stories without revealing their identity. Fortunately, there are three most incredible ways that you can use to view Instagram profiles anonymously and download all photos without them knowing with this site – https://instasaver.app/ .

Using Fake Instagram Account

This is probably the most common method to view someone’s Instagram stories secretly. For this, you get the freedom to choose any random name and image that the potential poster is not familiar with. You can also add multiple accounts on Instagram only if you have already set up an Instagram account previously. By doing this, you can switch between your other related accounts while looking at other people’s stories quietly.

Turning the Airplane Mode On

It’s now feasible to view Insta stories using this feature known as “Airplane Mode”. All you need to do is put your mobile phone on airplane mode before watching random Instagram highlights. Why enable airplane mode? Because Instagram automatically preloads several stories to enable instant viewing even if you don’t have dependable internet connectivity or Wi-fi. This will allow you to hypothetically watch targeted Instagram stores without letting them know.

Taking Advantage of Third-party App or Site

If using airplane mode or creating a fake account seems unreliable to you, then a third-party app or a site might help you. There are a plethora of third-party apps dedicated to spying on someone’s Instagram stories with ease. One of the major highlights of these apps or sites is you can comfortably view Instagram stories without an account or registration. Simply download the potential app online, enter the account handle name or ID and you are good to go.

You must keep in mind that all the methods explained above are meant for public accounts only and not private. You won’t be able to access anything if the user’s account is set as private. For that, you need to send a request to the person and wait for them to accept your invitation.

How to Easily Watch Instagram Stories on PC Using StoriesIG?

Unlike any other method, this is one of the easiest ways of watching Instagram stories using a PC. Just open the URL Instagram stories viewer StoriesIG app, type the account handle name in the search bar, and press enter.

The profile picture of the user along with the number of stories a user has put will appear. You can directly click on their profile photos and secretly view all of their Instagram stories comfortably. The best part is you can also download Instagram stories without the app by clicking the “Download” button that usually appears underneath each story.

This method of watching someone’s Instagram stories allow you not to:

● Download third-party app or site

● Create a fake account

The good news is you can still watch the targeted Instagram user stories even if the person has somehow blocked you. You can also watch their Instagram stories without them knowing.

How to View Instagram Stories, Highlights, Reels, and IGTV Anonymously?

If the profile is officially public, then you can straightforwardly view Instagram stories, highlights, reels including IGTV anonymously.

Instastories – best Instagram story viewer

Websites like Instastories, StoriesDown, InstaSaver, StoriesIG, Instadp, etc, give you the freedom to watch any user’s Instagram stories without getting caught. Just put the handles name in the search bar, tap the potential users’ profile pictures and the number of preloaded stories will appear systematically.


Final Thoughts

No matter whether you want to anonymously watch your favorite person’s Instagram stories or keep a sharp eye on your competitors, using the right tools and techniques can make all the difference. This informative article will now help everyone to view someone’s Instagram stories using any of the above-mentioned methods that work for them.

If not, then you can also choose one of the best Instagram viewer app or sites such as Instastories or StoriesIG to watch someone’s stories without their knowledge.

Be it an individual, marketer, or brand, almost everyone can make good use of these trustable and secured apps to anonymously conduct research and experiment with the most-viewed Instagram stories.

That being said, it is now time to choose the correct methods and procedures to watch someone’s old or new stories anonymously without alerting the Instagram account owner.