Intel Xᵉ Video Cards Kick Up GeForce and Radeon

Intel is really serious about upsetting the market for dedicated video cards. In 2020, Intel Xᵉ graphics controllers will come.

It has recently been revealed that the biggest novelty of the last 10 years will be the 10nm Ice Lake processors for Intel – all thanks to the Sunny Cove architecture and Gen11 integrated graphics. However, Intel also seriously thinks it will upset the current arrangement of the dedicated video card market.

So Intel would serve not only the professional sector and the business market, but also its consumers. That is, it would end the rule of NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon.

Intel Xᵉ graphics controllers will arrive in 2020, and in principle, Intel will have an alternative to NVIDIA and AMD video cards in the entry category, mid-range and high-end categories.

The performance of GPUs for the business sector is reported to be even higher, as Intel would also break into data centers and overthrow the dominance of NVIDIA Tesla as well as AMD Radeon Instinct products. According to the graphs, the main goal is a profitable data center business, but Intel will also share the results of the improvements with gamers.