Interactive map of access to the 5G network. How is Poland doing?

An interactive map of 5G infrastructure was created.

Update (April 2020)

In less than a year, quite a lot has changed in terms of 5G network coverage. The map now looks completely different – above all, it has definitely more points. The list of countries leading in the development of the discussed technology is similar, although there has been a change in the leadership position (quite expected considering the economic and technological opportunities). The US is currently in first place, where 5G operates in 5.1 thousand. locations (or 5.3 thousand after including the Puerto Rico community – is not a full-fledged part of the USA, but has the status of the so-called unincorporated territory). The next-generation network is the most extensive on the East Coast – in and around New York. The second place – with a score of 641 – is taken by Switzerland, which recently opened the ranking. South Korea (210 locations) was last on the podium, followed closely by Great Britain (204) and Kuwait (154).

5G in the world – April 2020.

Original message

Ookla – known for its Internet speed test – has prepared an interactive map of access to the 5G network. The map is updated every week. Which country do you think is the leader in the development of this technology? Probably not the one you just thought of. In the first place on the list of countries implementing the new communication standard, we will find neither the United States nor South Korea – they occupy second and third places, respectively. The 5G leader is … Switzerland, where – thanks to the actions of Swisscom and Sunrise – residents of over two hundred towns have access to this type of network.

For comparison, The USA has implemented a modern communication standard in only 21 locations – mainly due to the efforts of the AT&T concern (although Verizon also contributes). In South Korea, we will find a total of 18 places with 5G support, with the infrastructure being developed by three operators (SK Telecom, LG Uplus and KT Telecom), most close to the capital – Seoul. The next places on the list are taken by Australia (12 locations) and China (7, including 2 places in Hong Kong). The relatively weak position of the latter country may come as a surprise – the Middle Kingdom is trying to lead the way in the development of modern technologieswhich is evidenced by the dynamic expansion of Chinese mobile device manufacturers to Western markets.

How is Poland doing? In fact… surprisingly good. In our country, we can find only one place with 5G support – this is Warsaw – and in addition, access to the network is limited to a certain group of users (T-Mobile is just testing this technology). However, we know that the infrastructure is to be developed and Compared to other countries in the region, we do quite well anyway – apart from Poland in the European Union, 5G can only be found in Italy, Finland, Spain and Estonia.

All over the world, we will use the 5G network in 303 locations (which perfectly illustrates the scale of Swiss efforts). The infrastructure of the new technology is developed by 20 companies.

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