IPad Pro with miniLED display continues to point to early 2021

The traces of a new iPad Pro with miniLED display for next year. The Korean media ETNews Today reports (and MacRumors echoes it) that LG will be the one who will provide Apple with these panels, and whose large-scale production will begin at the end of this same 2020. If all goes well we should see it presented during the first quarter of 2021.

This corroborates the rumors that were discussed a few months ago, with the rest of the characteristics that are still on the table: 5G connection, A14X chip and perhaps the most advanced cameras we’ve seen in the iPhone 12 Pro. Regarding size, there is still talk of a single 12.9-inch model.

Screen and processor as novelties: will it be enough?

After the presentation of the iPad Air 4 I already reflected on the changes that the iPad Pro could undergo if it wants to distance itself from the mid-range. Right now the iPad Pro looks a lot like the iPad Air, and maybe Apple wants to gain distance again with that new miniLED screen and the performance of its new improved A14 Bionic chip.

Other possible improvements can come from the hand of any surprise in the form of software that takes advantage of that power, but starting to bet from here is already too diffuse. While we wait, remember that we have a pending appointment next Tuesday where we should see the first Mac with Apple Silicon chip. And watch out, because the A14X can make an appearance right there.