With a release that could be final in a long-awaited keynote this October 13, Chinese factories are working around the clock for the production of iPhone 12 models and complete the availability of several units in the coming days.

According to various reports from Chinese media, Foxconn has created other conditions for its employees, in order to keep its huge factory in Zhengzhou in China operational and produce the new phones with the bitten apple logo on time.

Foxconn changes its logistics to have the iPhone 12 on time

The main iPhone contractor in China has taken measures such as ** canceling the holidays of its workers and will introduce mandatory overtime ** with additional bonuses for staff with more years of service.

Also, it has been known that the assembly unit of ‌iPhone in The factory offered a bonus of 10,000 yuan (1,253.21 euros) for any worker who will start after September 18, stay at least 90 days and work at least 55 days. While for those who joined after September 26, the bonus was 8,500 yuan (1,065.23 euros).

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Given the exclusive dedication to this production, many employees have also been asked to cancel the upcoming holidays around the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day this week to ensure the availability of the new ‌iPhone‌, whose initial shipments are rumored to go out to distributors on October 5.

Apple is expected to announce four iPhone 12 models, including a 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch models, and a 6.7-inch model, all with OLED displays and 5G connectivity. This week the possible definitive names of each team in the range and other features such as storage capacity.