After the arrival of the new iPhones, choosing a new device can be even more difficult. Last year’s iPhones drop in price and it’s not easy to choose. If you are one of those hesitating between an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 11 Pro, we will clarify your doubts.

Which one should you choose?

These are two devices that can be found right now at similar prices, around 900 euros depending on the store. Therefore, many will doubt which of the two is better to buy.

That is why we are going to make a small comparison, and at the end of the whole I’ll tell you which one I would buy.

Reasons to buy the iPhone 12 before the iPhone 11 Pro

  • You prefer a larger 6.1-inch screen.
  • New design.
  • Better cameras.
  • 5G technology.
  • MagSafe.

Reasons to buy the iPhone 11 Pro before the iPhone 12

  • You want a more restrained size: 5.8-inch screen.
  • You need the camera’s telephoto sensor.

iPhone 12 in Blue

iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 12

Specifications table

iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 12
Dimensions 14.4 x 7.14 x 0.81 cm 14.67 x 7.15 x 0.74
Weight 188 g 162
Screen 5.8 inch OLED 6.1 inch OLED
Pixel density 458 dpi (2,436 x 1,125 pixels) 460 dpi (2,532 x 1,170 pixels)
Processor A13 Bionic A14 Bionic
Operating system iOS 14 iOS 14
Storage 64, 128 and 256 GB 64, 128 and 256 GB
Cameras Triple camera (12 + 12 + 12 Mp) Double camera (12 + 12Mp)
Battery 18 hours of video playback 17 hours of video playback
Colors Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Night Green Blue, Green, Red, White and Black
Others Dual SIM, Face ID, IP68 water resistance 30 min at 4 meters Dual SIM, Face ID, IP68 water resistance 30 min at 6 meters, MagSafe, Ceramic Shield, 5G
Starting price 1,159 euros 909 euros


The new iPhone 12 arrives with important design innovations. Now him frame is straight in the style of iPad Pro instead of being rounded. In addition the frames are better used and we have less black border.

Nevertheless, design is a matter of tasteAnd although I like the straight design of the iPhone 12 more, I understand that others like the rounded design of the iPhone 11 Pro more. And the same happens with the different colors available.

The colors of the iPhone 12

By the way, something that you should value is also the difference in weight. The iPhone 12 is significantly lighter than iPhone 11 Pro, there is a difference of 26 grams that is noticeable.


There are important differences here. The iPhone 12 has one less sensor, the telephoto camera is only present in the iPhone 11 Pro. So if you take a lot of photos with zoom, it may be the model you need.

If this is not your case, the two sensors, the wide angle and ultra wide angle of the iPhone 12 are much better than those of the iPhone 11 Pro. In our camera comparison you can see the differences since the two sensors of the iPhone 12 are identical to those of the iPhone 12 Pro.


Here it is a matter of taste. The quality of the panel is very similar, so you must choose by size what else do you like. There is not much difference but it shows, the iPhone 12 has 6.1 inches and the iPhone 11 Pro 5.8.

Power and performance

Apple processors stand out for their power and longevity. Yes, the A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12 is faster and better, but in the day to day it is not something that you are going to notice. They both move fast and smoothly.

Battery and MagSafe

If you want the maximum battery life, you should choose the iPhone 11 Pro. This year Apple has not improved the life of its iPhone, which has even been reduced because of 5G. The advantage is slight, but battery will last longer on iPhone 11 Pro.

MagSafe charger in iPhone 12

On the other hand we have MagSafe, a exclusive iPhone 12 technology. With MagSafe we ​​can use magnetized accessories on the iPhone to charge it, place it in the car or add accessories.


As of this writing, both devices have a fairly similar price that is around 900 euros, even somewhat less. So it can be said that they are even in this regard.

However, it is true that we are more likely to see interesting offers on the iPhone 11 Pro to lower their price. If the price of the iPhone 11 Pro drops a lot, it should be taken into account.

Which one would I buy?

And we come to the point of my personal choice, and I speak knowingly that I have been using the iPhone 11 Pro for an entire year. I don’t have many doubts I would choose the iPhone 12 without hesitation. More screen, better design, better cameras and a very similar price, even cheaper taking advantage of an offer.

Offer on the iPhone 12 | 845 euros

Yes, my choice is with similar price conditions. If the iPhone 11 Pro drops 150 or 200 euros, it is probably more advisable to get it before the iPhone 12.

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