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iPhone XR for 626 euros, Redmi Note 7 for 179 euros, Samsung Galaxy S10 + for 664 euros

iPhone XR for 626 euros, Redmi Note 7 for 179 euros, Samsung Galaxy S10 + for 664 euros

On eBay they are with a very interesting promotion in the electronics and technology categoriesThis is “PARATECH”, a coupon that, depending on what you buy, can translate into a discount of up to 100 euros. These are some of the best deals we have found.

How to use the PARATECH coupon from eBay

This promotion lasts from yesterday, May 7 at 10 in the morning until May 19 at 12:59 p.m., applying the coupon “PARATECH” during the purchase process.

This promotion is applicable if we pay via PayPal or credit / debit card, receiving a 5% discount on the price of the item up to a maximum of 50 euros.

Enter the coupon code during the Checkout process when required. The minimum expense to be made must be 10 euros. In addition, it is redeemable up to 2 times.

To make it effective, make a purchase on eBay in a valid category, both on the web and from the application.

The best eBay deals with PARATECH

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 8 / 128GB stays at 664.05 euros after entering the code PARATECH. Shipped from France by a seller that exceeds 6,000 transactions with 98.8% positive feedback and has a 12-month warranty.

It is a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus version SM-G975F / DS, a non-Spanish version, so there may be certain differences such as the blocking of Samsung Pay, something that can be activated by flashing a Spanish ROM.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR of 64 GB in red color stays at 626.99 euros when using the code PARATECH. This ad comes from Italy, by a seller with 100% positive feedback on their more than 86,000 transactions. With 2 years warranty.

One of the latest models released by Apple, the iPhone XR stands out for the fluidity of the A12 chip, the quality of the camera and its careful design.

Huawei P20 Pro

With the new P30 range fresh out of the oven, the previous range continues to drop in price. The Huawei P20 Pro, one of the pioneering models in the triple rear camera, we found it at half its launch price: with the PARATECH promotion, the 6GB + 128GB Huawei P20 Pro stays at 463.55 euros. It is sent from Spain by a seller that exceeds 1,000 transactions with a 100% positive feedback and 2 years warranty.

Of the Huawei P20 Pro we highlight in our analysis its autonomy, the camera and the quality of its construction.

Xiaomi Mi 8

With the Xiaomi Mi 9 already on the market, the Xiaomi Mi 8 continues to drop in price. This time we find the Xiaomi Mi 8 64GB for 284.05 euros with the code PARATECH.

Of the Xiaomi Mi 8 we highlight in our review its autonomy, the experience offered by its screen, the power of its hardware and its facial recognition.

Pocophone F1

The Pocofhone F1 came on the market last year offering a great value for money, which with this offer is even better: Pocophone F1 6 / 128GB for 256.49 euros with the code PARATECH. It is shipped from Spain by a seller with 97.1% positive feedback and a 2-year warranty.

This Xiaomi terminal stands out for its performance and fluidity, its good audio output and its autonomy, according to our review.

iPad (2018)

We also find interesting offers in the tablet section: the iPad 2018 32 GB Wi-Fi version stays at 250.80 euros with the PARATECH coupon. Of course, with a 1 year warranty. Shipped from Italy by a seller with 97.2% positive feedback on their more than 27,000 transactions.

The iPad 2018 stands out for its good value for money, its power and autonomy and the compatibility with the Apple Pencil.

Redmi Note 7

One of the phones launched this 2019 with the best value for money, the Redmi Note 7, even cheaper: Redmi Note 7 4/64 GB for 179.54 euros with the code PARATECH. Ships from Spain with a 2-year warranty by a seller with 100% positive feedback on their history of more than 9,000 transactions.

The best thing about Redmi Note 7 is its design, its excellent autonomy thanks to its 4,000 mAh battery, the brightness of its screen and its camera, with a 48 MP sensor that stands out within its range.

Terms of the PARATECH eBay promotion

The terms and conditions of the promotion are detailed on eBay: