Is Final Fantasy VII Remake a sort of ‘sequel’ to Final Fantasy X? An easter egg leads to discussion

The titles of Final Fantasy they are generally disconnected from each other, but Final Fantasy 7 Remake reinforces a much-debated connection with another chapter. We warn you that this article contains a spoiler secondary on a FF7 Remake easter egg.

In 2003, Final Fantasy changed forever. The role-playing games of Square Enix they had never seen a direct sequel – but then there was Final Fantasy 10-2. It was the first true sequel and it was the first Final Fantasy to establish a narrative connection between two Final Fantasy universes.

Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 10 apparently take place in the same universe. In FF7 Remake, it all has to do with a small photo that is in the background of an area of ​​the game.

“So there’s this guy named Shinra appearing in Final Fantasy 10-2 and as you’d expect from that name, there are fan theories that he might be related to Final Fantasy 7’s Shinra Company,” the developer said. Yoshinori Kitase in a video about the creation of FF10 titles. Kitase can be considered a kind of authority on the matter; directed the original FF7 and worked as a producer on FF10, its sequel and FF7 Remake.

“The screenwriter Nojima has not made any official statements on the matter. But he thought that X-2’s Shinra could grow up and that his descendants several generations later could found the Shinra company. “

A photo of Shinra appears in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In one chapter of the game, the characters are located in the headquarters of Shinra, the office in the heart of Midgar. As part of the visit, you are forced to visit a kind of Shinra museum. Next to a sign that reads “Shinra Factory” in Japanese there is an old monochrome photo and the particular secondary character of Final Fantasy X-2 is presented in the front row.

The developers and authors of FF7, its remake, and the FF10 games proved to be clever. They know this narrative connection between the two games has been discussed and dissected by fans for years, and so here it is again: a clear, obvious clue that winks at that plot thread that Nojima, who led the writing. in the remake, he is very fond of.

Could this really be Shinra, somehow surviving the passage of many years? Is it a descendant who wears his mask handed down from generation to generation? Or maybe it’s just a coincidence? The fact that the character is in the middle of the picture certainly suggests that he is someone important to the history of the Shinra company. And for fans it can be a new element of a discussion that has already been going on for 17 years.

What do you think?

Source: VG247.

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