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Is it worth going from an iPhone XR to an iPhone 12?

Is it worth going from an iPhone XR to an iPhone 12?

The iPhone XR was a turning point for Apple. It offered an experience worthy of a top-of-the-range phone at the same time that it marked a lower price than its older brothers at that time, the iPhone XS. Since its launch in 2018, Apple has not done more than reaffirm itself in this formula, refining it until it reaches the recently introduced iPhone 12.

The iPhone XR is still a great device to this day, even if it has 2 years behind it, however the new iPhone 12 offer a lot of new functions and features that make them a really attractive terminal. Do you value changing devices? Keep reading and we will tell you if is it worth it or not to upgrade your iPhone XR to an iPhone 12.

iPhone XR vs iPhone 12: Should You Upgrade?

Next we will expose different key characteristics of both terminals, and we will see what has changed and what has not in these 2 years, until we reach a conclusion.


Without a doubt one of the most significant improvements of this year. Apple has not hesitated and has gone for it mounting on the entire iPhone 12 range OLED Super Retina XDR panels. The jump is such that if we only had to decide on this section, the decision would already be made, and the difference is such that simply the Liquid Retina screen of the iPhone XR cannot compete.

More brightness, more colors, better contrast, and higher resolution make iPhone 12 a winner, supporting HDR10 and Dolby Vision and reaching peak brightness of up to 1200 nitsIf you are one of those who use your iPhone to consume content, the iPhone 12 plays in another league. As a detail, despite both terminals have a diagonal of 6.1 inches, The new iPhone 12 are, thanks to the reduced edges, smaller than the iPhone XR, so extra point thanks to the screen.


Another big change this year has been the new designs, which leave behind the rounded edges that we have been seeing from the iPhone 6 and recover the flat edges and edges that the iPhone 4 and 5 mounted, in the same way that the iPad Pro did, and then the Air.

On paper it is a matter of taste, although it should be noted that Apple has managed to reduce the volume of the iPhone 12 by almost 1mm compared to the iPhone XR, and reduce its weight by 30gr, which those who stick the day with the device in hand will appreciate it. Along with this new design come chassis improvements, increasing the water and dust resistance rating of the iPhone XR’s IP67 to IP68, which guarantees up to 30 minutes at 6 meters depth, there is nothing.

To end the design section, The iPhone XR is offered in 6 color variants, while the new iPhone 12 only offer 5. Apple has decided not to include yellow among its colors this year, although, yes, it has updated its blue.


While the iPhone XR mounts Apple’s A12 Bionic SoC, which features 7nm technology and is 2 years old, the new iPhone 12 uses the A14 Bionic, a much more modern chip that makes use of a 5nm technology.

The iPhone XR chip holds up well even two years later, though again, the novel technology employed in the A14 Bionic simply prevents it from playing in the same league. In general performance, the iPhone 12 is 40% higher than the XR, while in the graphic section, the GPU of the new model is around 30%. The Neural Engine is also updated, reaching 16 cores, making it up to two times faster than the previous generation, and improving the Machine Learning of the terminal up to 10 times.

Apple and its A14 Bionic will undoubtedly be the enemy to beat by the manufacturers of chips for Android devices, although as Apple itself assures on its website, only its previous chip, the A13 Bionic that the iPhone 11 mounted, comes close.


Beyond the clear advantage of having two lenses instead of oneThe iPhone 12 mounts an angular lens with an aperture of 1.6f, compared to the 1.8f of the iPhone XR, although both devices have 12mp.

The inclusion of an ultra-wide-angle lens is also key in this section, being able to take shots where everything fits in our photos. This added to the improvements via software such as Smart HDR 3, Deep Fusion or Night Mode make the iPhone 12 a very good camera.

In the front camera, although both terminals mount a TrueDepth system, the iPhone XR does it with a more modest 7mp sensor while the iPhone 12 does it with a 12mp sensor. This ensures better selfies and FaceTime video calls, which will also have a slightly wider field of view than on the iPhone XR.


The iPhone XR has 4G connectivity and the new iPhone 12 rides for the first time on an iPhone 5G. This ensures dizzying download speeds, in addition to also having Gigabit LTE, which ensures that even when we do not have 5G we will enjoy the best download speeds.

Both devices have dual sim via eSim, bluetooth 5.0 and NFCHowever, the iPhone 12 has as an extra the ultra-wideband U1 chip, to be able to locate other devices by pointing the iPhone towards them.


The iPhone XR was a benchmark in this section at the time of its presentation. Apple created a device with more than enough battery for the whole day at a time when the new iPhones before it had not been able to last as long as they would have liked. The iPhone 12 maintains this standard and even improves it, offering up to an hour more video playback than the iPhone XR despite having an OLED screen and 5G.

Both terminals support wireless charging, although the iPhone 12 does it also through the new MagSafe chargers, which allow you to increase the wireless input power up to 15W.


Unsurprisingly, the iPhone XR is markedly lower priced than its 2020 sibling. The iPhone XR currently starts at € 589.00 for its version with 64GB of storage, while the iPhone 12 for its part does it at € 909.00. A notable difference without a doubt, although justified by the difference in benefits and age of the first.


If you are out there looking for a new terminal and you are torn between these two, If you can afford it, obviously the iPhone 12 is a safe bet. Apple has packed into an exquisitely designed device many of the best features to be found on the market today, and that makes it an iPhone ready for anything.

However, If you currently have an iPhone XR and you value updating it for an iPhone 12, maybe you should think twice. Although the new device as we said has many exclusive features, perhaps these do not justify the investment involved compared to what the iPhone XR offers us. The difference in which the average user will notice the “upgrade” more will be the screen and the cameras, so if your use of the phone does not lead to high consumption of these two resources (do not watch series on the iPhone or take many photos) it may be a good idea to squeeze a little more out of your iPhone XR, and consider updating it for the next generation.

Source : Techradar