PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (by its full name) is a battle royale developed and published by Krafton, Inc. The title was first released on PC, in version 1.0, at the end of 2017. Subsequently, several ports from PUBG have made themselves available. The game became free-to-play in January 2022. Thus, many players have access to the title and have started on PUBG. Moreover, some of them, wanting to play with their friends, wonder if PUBG is cross-play.


Above all, remember that the cross-play feature allows players from different gaming platforms to enjoy a title together. Call of Duty: Warzoneto cite just one example, does indeed offer cross-play, as people on PC can play battle royale with players from PlayStation and Microsoft consoles.

To go back to PUBG: Battlegrounds and to the question of cross playknow that the functionality is present on the software, but only for certain platforms. Indeed, players on consoles, whether on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, can form teams and play together. On the other hand, people playing the PC version of PUBG cannot invite and play with friends, coming from PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Therefore, on PUBG: Battlegrounds, cross-play is partial and does not allow PC players to play games with people on consoles, and vice versa.

PUBG: Battlegrounds, an enemy detector and a shield added with patch 19.1

Krafton details the next update to its Battle Royale, which will introduce the event with Assassin’s Creed in Haven.

No vacation for Krafton, who reveals today PUBG: Battlegrounds update 19.1. Once again, players will be able to discover a few new features, including a portable enemy detector and a portable shield, not to mention the return of the Haven map with the Assassin’s Creed event.

Without waiting, here is what patch 19.1 will add in PUBG: Battlegrounds :

MP9 : Available on the Deston map, the MP9 is the first fully automatic submachine gun (SMG) that uses 9mm ammunition. A very widespread and very practical type of ammunition for those who like to handle weapons like the P90, in a more accessible version. Although the MP9’s effective range, rate of fire, and damage are slightly lower than the P90, it’s a great alternative for players who like the handling the P90 offers.

Collapsible Shield : coming face to face with an enemy without adequate cover nearby is always a predicament for BATTLEGROUNDS players. New equipment is therefore planned in version 19.1 to avoid this kind of inconvenience. Available to players on all maps, the Collapsible Shield allows players to carry cover that is easily portable. Once installed, the player can hide behind it at will, now protected by the shield’s 1500 additional hit points.

Blue chip detector : This new tactical equipment uses the location of the main weapon of the players and allows them to scan the presence of enemies within a radius of 100m around their avatar. The 12 nearest enemies will be displayed as dots on the map, updating with each screen update and playing sounds that only the user can hear when it detects movement. The Blue Chip Detector can even detect topography, letting players know if the tracked target is above or below them.

New vehicle – Pillar Security’s car : With a top speed of 130km/h (approximately 81mph), controllable flashing lights and sirens, this new vehicle will give players the opportunity to relive explosive movie-style chase scenes on the Deston map. What’s more, if they take a look in the trunk of this vehicle, they will find high-quality equipment there. Conclusion: there is everything to gain by getting behind the wheel of Pillar Security’s car if it is around.

In addition to the new features shown above, Update 19.1 also brings players adjustments to the item drop rate in Sanhok, bug fixes when bots go from water to land, improvements to the basic training and training with the AI ​​as well as the new ranked season 19 and the Survivor Pass.

Discord Duel Royale – Deston

Fans are invited to participate in the Discord Duel Royale: Deston, a five-day competition for squad teams on the European Discord channels of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. The tournament, which is open to players from France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, will start with a qualifying day for each of the competing nations. The top four teams from each qualifying tournament will advance to the final on September 3, where they will compete for the €2,000 promised to the winners, while second and third place will receive €1,200 and €800 respectively.

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