You’ve spent too much time on Animal Crossing: New Horizons to decorate the interior of your home without paying attention to the weeds present all over the island? Thankfully there is a solution to this problem, as you can now hire someone to get rid of weeds from your garden.

A few days ago, user and player “tybat11” posted several advertisements for his services on Reddit, offering to remove the weed from the islands for a small tip. “Professional weeder for hire. Experience in weeding even the most invaded cities,” wrote tybat11. “If you have a city full of weeds and you need to do some cleaning, I’m your man.”

It seems the service is so popular that it has even become a company called WeedCo, which is currently hiring new recruits who will need to pass an orientation course. The latest video posted on Reddit shows one of these new recruits learning the basics of weed removal, such as controlling behind cliffs and trees, and precisely harvesting weeds in flower beds. The intern eventually passed the exams and was awarded with her WeedCo uniform.

In addition to the size of the company, it appears that the services offered have also increased, as tybat11 also said that flower irrigation is offered “on demand”. If some weeds need to go away on your island, you can make an appointment by texting tybat11 and essjane on Reddit – and while they don’t ask for anything in return, it’s always nice to leave a tip.

We remind you that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for Nintendo Switch. If you are a beginner, at this address you can take a look at our complete guide.