It is possible to have a shiny Pokemon as a starter in Pokemon Sun / Moon

Pokemon Sun/Moon it’s here. With all the pokemon of the previous 7 generations. The three initial pokemon, as much as we know the initial three of this generation are Rowlet, Popplio and Litten, which remind us of the most difficult decision of our childhood: which of the three initial pokemon will I choose?

Well it seems that now it is possible that one of these initials is a shiny. For those who do not know, a Shiny is a version of the Pokemon that has another color, and they are very difficult to find, ask Folagor03 if not.

The point is that you can have an initial Shiny, but it is very difficult to achieve. According to Kotaku, the only way to achieve this is by resetting the game until you get one, but we can reset it 100 times and not get it until 121. Getting it is not impossible, but it does require impressive patience. Kotaku also comments that the shiny Rowlet is the most common to get.

This reset technique was already common in previous installments when players insisted on having a female initial, and they reset all the time to get it. This technique has also been done a lot to get a Pokemon with the stats that the player deems appropriate for their initial Pokemon, but it seems very fussy to me.

And to finish I leave you the video of an American youtuber who seems to get it.