Pokémon don’t go mobile, at least as far as Game Freak and the mainline series are concerned.

You’ll probably be shocked by the statement that no, Game Freak won’t take the Pokémon series to another platform in the future. The statement was delivered by Game Informer, who were lucky enough to sit down for an interview with one of Game Freak’s directors, Junichi Masuda.

“We feel that, at least for the Pokémon, our attachment to Nintendo is important, so we probably won’t be releasing it on any other platform.”

This amazing announcement was brought about by ownership issues over the Pokémon series. Game Freak looks like it has the rights at least in part but both Nintendo and Creatures have got some share of the stuff.

If Game Freak wanted, you could buy everyone out and take the series to other platforms. However, if this idea ever came up, Nintendo could do the same and keep the biggest dairy cow on its own consoles. Either way, we’d be curious about a world where pocket monsters would go on Xbox, PS4, and mobiles as well. Even the Pokémon GO has exploded enormously, what would happen if pieces from the regular series appeared on multiple platforms?

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