1TB sounds good, but by the way, the system itself has to cut a slice of it, so the actual capacity of the Xbox Series X already shows a slightly more modest picture.

The largest foreign magazines are already topping the Xbox Series X, and today the first pre-writings on Microsoft’s next-gen console have been published. Not only did they talk about great charging time, but it also revealed how much free space actually needs to fit in for those who don’t want to buy an expansion card for their new console for $ 220.

We learned from the GameSpot article that roughly one-fifth of the storage capacity of an SSD is used by the system itself, so in the end it is quite accurate. 802 GB we have free space to pack games here. The rest will also be used by the Quick Resume function – the point of this is that you can switch between several games at the touch of a button, in which case you will not close the previously run title.

Even more exciting, however, will be the question of how Xbox Series S customers can comfortably access just a 512GB SSD – the exact number here is not yet known for how much free space we actually have left over the segment occupied by the system. In any case, it’s important to note that, in principle, the Xbox Series S game will require less space than their Series X siblings as they are only optimized for 1440p.

According to official sources, this could result in a size reduction of roughly 30%, but of course this also requires developers who need to pay special attention to this option.

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