It turns out pretty much when the Path of Exile 2 release is due

The head of Grinding Gear Games provided not very encouraging information to the fans.

Released in 2013, Path of Exile boasts plenty of fans to this day, which is understandable, as it’s basically a work with fun gameplay and enough depth, which some say is a better ARPG than Diablo III. That’s why it’s great that the sequel, already announced by Grinding Gear Games back in 2019, is already in the works, and we could rightly hope that it could arrive this year, but unfortunately there’s a good chance it won’t happen that way.

Chris Wilson, who runs the studio, recently confirmed that Path of Exile 2 will probably only debut sometime in 2022, as the coronavirus epidemic is unfortunately hampering development quite seriously. It is difficult for the New Zealand team to join internationally as the borders are closed, so the growth of the team responsible for making the assets is also quite hampered.

Unfortunately, the development was not going at the speed they wanted, so now the plan is to continue working on the project with steam this year and then see how much they can make progress. According to Wilson, they are trying to figure out as many things as possible, and so by the end of 2021, there is a good chance that the release date may come to light.

Of course, fans won’t be left without any news either, as the new addition to the Path of Exile, Echoes of Atlas, will be live on January 15th.