It would be time to announce the Xbox Series S – another hint!

  • A new note suggests the Xbox Series S.
  • Comes from an official Microsoft product
  • The console is still not announced

The Xbox Series S is an open secret and yet Microsoft has not yet announced it.

And now there is another new indication of their existence. Twitter user “Brendan” has – mind you – ordered a new Xbox controller directly from Microsoft.

Among other things, it contained a code to try out Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. And on the note mentioned there is talk of the “Xbox Series X | S”.

A corresponding note had previously appeared on a leaked controller packaging of the new Xbox series X controller.

According to previous reports, the Xbox Series S – code name Lockhart – is a weaker version of the Series X, and dev kits have been in the hands of developers for months.

The Xbox Series X is expected to be released in November. Most recently it was said that the Xbox Series X will come on the market before the PlayStation 5.

I got a new controller for my Xbox since mine was broken. Interestingly enough, the Game Pass Ultimate trial code sheet mentions the unannounced @Xbox Series S. It? S definitely a thing.

– Brendan (@BraviaryBrendan) August 31, 2020 Manage cookie settings