It’s motorized and adorable, the Star Wars DO droid can be a Christmas gift for only € 26

DO is a small droid that appears in the movie The Rise of Skywalker and is now a perfect gift. It is controlled with a remote control and moves in any direction.

For Star Wars fans, young and old, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing one of your favorite characters in real life. And if there is one that captivated in the movie The Rise of Skywalker that was the little droid DO.

If you want to have DO as a collectible toy or as a toy to play with, then you can do it now thanks to this offer available on Amazon. This radio controlled droid is now yours for only € 26.97. A discount of € 38 on its original price.

It’s a perfect holiday gift for any Star Wars fan and it’s cheaper than ever. This way you get ahead of the end of the year purchases and save money at the same time.

East DO motorized droid It has a radio control to move it wherever you want. It can move 360 ​​degrees thanks to its rocking system, because when it moves it mimics the motion of the droid in the movie.

Its design is very successful. In addition to the shape, it has details such as the antennas on the head or even traces of dirt on its wheel as shown in the film.

Includes sounds based on the character from the movie that he combines as he moves.

This droid is just one of the products Hasbro sells based on the Star Wars characters. You also have the BB-8 in radio control format with more or less the same characteristics, such as moving 360º and controlling it with a remote. This model costs € 49.90.

But if you want a bargain and a great gift, then this DO droid is perfect for just € 26.97. It is a good Christmas gift for little ones, but also as a collector’s item for the older ones.

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