The landscape of indie games is able to give us real gems, such as ITTA of Glass Revolver (Jacob Williams) e Armor Games Studios.

This is a very inspired project, a bullet hell adventure in which only bosses essentially face each other. But the creation process was quite unique, as development of the game started in 2016, when Jacob was in a psychiatric ward during his most difficult period of life.

Well, this ITTA is now officially available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

“Embark on an adventurous journey filled with challenges, bullets and bosses that will test your limits on ITTA. Armed with her father’s revolver and led by a strange ghost cat, a scattered girl must find her way through impossible challenges in search of answers … and peace “, reads the description on Steam.

Who would like to know more about the inspired ITTA, can take a look at our review.

How about? Will you give ITTA a chance?

Source: Rockpapershotgun.

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