Dr. Lava, one of the biggest and most dedicated fans of the franchise Pokémon responsible for studying and sharing several curious facts about the creatures, released interesting information about the creation of the first Pokémon, more specifically those of the initial generation revealed in the games Red and Green, of 1990. The news is about the design of Ivyssauro, the evolution of Bulbassauro which, according to the game developers, would have a very different look.

According to information released by the scholar, Ivyssauro was created before the development of Bulbasaurus, without a predecessor in the evolutionary scale of the Pokémon plant. Thus, the intention of Game Freak, producer of the franchise’s games, was to insert, initially, the creature in Red and Green, titles launched in 1990.

However, due to the lack of a more polished model on which to base oneself, Ivyssauro’s design originally appears much stranger than the definitive one, having a much more flattened body, the trunk of the palm trees at its back much more stretched, thorns on the head instead of ears, besides having the leaf bud of the tree open instead of being closed, as if it were a mixture of Ivyssauro and Venussauro. See below.

Game Freak original look

(Source: Game Freak / Reproduction)

Visual of the original above recreated by @RacieBeep, Pokémon fan and creature designer

(Source: Twitter / @ RacieBeep))

Compare them now with the ultimate creature, which presents the final look that was brought to the games, animations and films of the franchise.

(Source: Game Freak / Reproduction)

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