iWork for Mac launches inserting YouTube videos: we teach you how to do it

In addition to the plentiful portion of betas that we had this afternoon, Apple also launched new versions of your iWork applications for macOS. New features include the ability to insert YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into our Pages and Numbers documents, as was previously possible in Keynote.

Inserting one of these videos is simple: just press the ‘buttonMultimedia« In the Pages or Numbers toolbar and select the option »Web video«:

A window will appear asking you to paste the web link of a YouTube or Vimeo video, and as soon as you do, you will be able to see a preview of the video:

It only remains to click on ‘Insert‘so that the video is included in the document as you can see in the header image. The videos we insert are not downloaded, so we depend on an internet connection to be able to view them since the YouTube and Vimeo server is always used to access them.

New formulas, a slide window and more news

In addition to this new function, there is other interesting news:

  • Numbers launches new math functions: SEARCH.X, MATCH.X et REGEX, designed to easily locate text and data in a spreadsheet.
  • Keynote allows us play slideshows in a window and not necessarily in full screen, which can be useful when we are presenting something via video conference (Zoom and other similar services have the option of sharing only one of our desktop windows).
  • Also in Keynote, we can keep playing the same video on multiple slides, so that we can show data while a global video provides other data.
  • Pages is able to import books in iBooks Author format now that the above is numbered.
  • All three iWork applications are now capable of more easily add captions and captions to images and other objects.

iWork and the mouse support on the iPad is the tool we needed to be a little more productive

The download of this new version of iWork for macOS is completely free for all users via the Mac App Store, access the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote pages separately. There is only one requirement: to have macOS Mojave or later installed.