Jalopy is available for free at the Humble Store

Jalopy, the Minskworks game in which we step into the shoes of a character who has to take his uncle from the German Democratic Republic to Turkey in a Laika 601, is available for free at the Humble Store.

The game offers a somewhat rough but rather unique roadtrip experience in which we must keep the precarious four cans inspired by the real Trabant running while we cross Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey. In contrast to the sober and monotonous landscape that surrounds us at all times is the uncertainty of knowing that at any moment the trip can go wrong thanks to the Laika 601’s poor reliability.

For this we have to manage and manage our funds well to be able to change the tires, put gas, readjust the doors and carry out all kinds of repairs when the occasion arises.

If you’re interested, you can download Jalopy for free from the Humble Store until tomorrow, June 25. If you get it, you will also receive a discount of one euro to buy the game on Steam.