The players of Dead by daylight are about to meet one of the most original and ruthless assassins in the history of contemporary cinema: JIGSAW.

Mathieu Cote, the game director has been releasing a series of tweets hinting at what is to come.

Maybe I’m just playing a game …

– Yes, Mcote. All one word (@MCote_BHVR) January 17, 2018

Many wonder How will Jigsaw integrate with the gameplay? The game, as many of you know. It deals with four survivors who will have to restore generators and try to escape from a murderer who tries to hunt or sacrifice them. The first person assassin has all kinds of supernatural powers and strength. So it is unknown how John Kramer can fit into all of this, as his murders consist of kidnapping and subsequent cheating, another option would be control the puppet riding the tricycle or a disciple in a pig mask.

You can buy the cheapest game through this link:

There’s a teaser available from the arrival of the charismatic character:

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